Melissa + Jairo – Wedding

A tale as old as time…..
The magic of nostalgia that pulls at our very heartstrings.

Opting for a lavish honeymoon over a traditional wedding affair, Jairo married my sister, Melissa, in a simple courthouse ceremony with only their parents present to bare witness to their nuptials.

Wedding day flutters did not escape this bride and groom though.
This day, which at one point had seemed so far away, had arrived much too quickly and with it, the anxious and exciting expectations of a life together.

You would think that she- in an off the shoulder, lace covered dress and he- in a suit and tie, would clash with the quiet, isolated wooded scenery surrounding them, but they were the picture of perfection.

I could be called biased for saying this, but Melissa was one of the most radiant brides I’ve seen to date.
All of her seemed to glow.
As her sister, I’ve also dreamt about this day. I’ve longed to see her face glowing, her cheeks with a hint of a blush, a smile that says, “all my dreams are coming true.”

Today, said just that

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