Nicole – Quince

There aren’t very many places left in South Florida with lush green trees, wooden bridges or hidden water spots. A place that can really transport you and enchant you.
But, in the middle of a bustling city, we found this gem of a place.
The scenery was suited for a princess.

Nicole was such a joy to photograph.
She was living out many girl’s dream…princess for a day.
From the moment she stepped out of the car, her excitement was hard to contain.
The way her eyes danced, her infectious smile, even the way she twirled in her ruffled gown, she was enjoying every minute of it.
If she was nervous or unsure of herself, she didn’t show it.
She was radiant, full of life and oh so happy.

This day could not have been better if it was made to order.
From the gnarled trees, to the suns gentle rays, to the colors in the sky…the day felt magical.

This day reminded me how rewarding my photography is.
Putting a smile on her face, making her feel as beautiful and precious as the person she is inside, capturing these fleeting moments for her mom…that, is why I became a photographer.

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