Rebecca Nicole

Growing up, I always figured that being a father would be in the picture somewhere down the line. But, I never could have known what that truly entailed.  Now, with two grown kids, I can honestly say no one can truly prepare you for the joy and challenges that come along with the job.  Each kiddo brings their own style, flair, pizazz, attitude, heart and personality.




My photoshoot today, featured my youngest, Rebecca Nicole.

I’m honored and privileged to call her my little girl.

She is cut from the same tree limb I am. As fun as that is, those of you who know me, know it also brings all its own challenges. I have seen her blossom from the little (big) bundle of joy that she was when she was born, to a beautiful, poised, confident young woman.

At 14, she is a singer/songwriter/musician. Her aspirations in life are still very young in development. But for now, it is the journey that she is fond of.

As a small P.S. for any boys reading this…

I am an overly protective father *STAY AWAY*


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